5 Reasons Why Azure is a Great Fit for Any Kind of Enterprise

Microsoft’s Infrastructure- Platform- and Software-as-a-Service solution is one the most in demand software of its kind. Ranked second in the world—following only Amazon Web Services—Azure serves its 715 million users with cloud storage, serverless computing, and hybrid integration possibilities.

715 million is a huge number, and the Azure client base increases by 100k every month. It’s safe to assume that most of these users aren’t Fortune 500 companies. Local businesses, remote startups, medium-sized enterprises, government entities—Azure customers come in all shapes and sizes. And it isn’t difficult to understand why. Azure is scalable, cost-effective, and easy to use. It eliminates the need for in-house infrastructure and maintenance. It simplifies application development and provides high-value insight on business processes.  

In this post, we’ll discuss why Azure is a great fit for any kind of enterprise.

Why You Should Get Azure for Your Business

You Pay for What You Use

Azure’s best feature in terms of adaptability is its scalable pricing model. You can be a local retailer or an international holding—an exactly right version of Azure exists for you. No need for large upfront investments. And forget about fancy hardware requirements. It’s all in the cloud. No need to worry about maintenance, either. Just pay as you go!

Analytics Will Help You Succeed

By now you’ve heard of the multitude of benefits that analytics offers. Azure lets you process big data on demand and extract valuable insights in real-time. Combined with machine learning models and intelligent applications, Cloud Analytics with Azure will help you optimize your business processes.

Disaster Recovery Has You Covered

Azure’s disaster recovery tool is practically a time machine. Your data is backed up at the intervals you choose. Your OS and location are irrelevant, and you don’t need any extra infrastructure. Recovering files is possible even after long periods. All you need to do is go through a multifactor authentication process and voila!

Safety is a Top Priority

If Microsoft’s reputation isn’t assurance enough, its yearly investment of $1 billion in security should do the trick. Azure’s portfolio of compliance certificates and security services guarantee the safety of your data. Whether your workloads are on-premises or on the cloud, your data will be safe.

Tech Support is There for You

Azure engineers are at your disposal 24/7 in case you require technical support. Microsoft also provides ample learning resources, and its helpful community are a great asset for flattening the learning curve. This allows you to build and deploy applications with minimal resources.   

Integrating Azure with SAP Has Never Been Easier 

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