Amazon Provides Free AWS Training Courses

This past year has seen an incredible surge in online education. It seems everyone is flaunting their newly earned certifications on social media. We have fully migrated to the web; everything is online, from meetings to birthdays and even baby showers. Combine that with months of evenings spent at home—no wonder so many of us are looking to upskill. And digital is the way to do it.

Lucky for us tech nerds, Amazon is once again ahead of the game. To widen its scope, Amazon has paired up with popular online learning platforms coursera and edx to provide free AWS training.

AWS Training Courses

In 2014 Amazon built its Learning Library where developers (and non-developers alike) could keep up with AWS and earn certificates at foundational, associate, and professional levels. Its latest digital course is a self-paced, 5-week syllabus taught by AWS instructors. In 22 hours, you can learn to build modern applications on AWS using one of three languages, Java, Node.js or Python. The prerequisites for this intermediate level course are a basic knowledge of AWS, understanding of the AWS Global infrastructure, and an AWS account with administrator-level access.

The course teaches how to build a well-architected application in five steps:

  1. Creating a static website
  2. Building a dynamic website
  3. Storing mysfit data
  4. Registering users
  5. Capturing user clicks

All programming is done on the AWS interface and you can complete the tasks in your browser through the Cloud.

Amazon S3 Training Starter Pack

An exciting addition to Amazon’s training series came last month. After completing the AWS courses (though this is merely a recommendation), you can move on to the S3 management curriculum. The two-and-a-a-half hour course includes interactive lessons, video demonstrations and quizzes on management methods for the Amazon storage service. Learners get insight into monitoring tools, storage and performance trends, inventory reports, large-scale batch operations and key task automation. The course offers an optional lab through Google’s Qwiklabs for a small price of 15$.

If you’re an AWS novice, we recommend the following courses to get acquainted with the basics:

  • AWS Storage Overview
  • Getting Started with AWS courses
  • Architecting on AWS
  • Managing Amazon Simple Storage Service

Courses are free, but a certificate will cost you $199. Whether that’s worth the buck, it’s for you to decide. Note that some courses will earn you credits that can be counted towards a master’s degree.

Wrapping Up

You don’t need telling that the internet is a myriad of information. There’s an abundance of free resources that can boost your amateur skills to expert level. Building AWS cloud skills and developing your own applications will transform your business. The courses we mentioned will give you a solid foundation on storage, databases, networking, analytics, deployment, management and more. As for your integration needs, look no further.

Our SAP CPI Amazon S3 Adapter will do all the work in connecting your SAP ERP to Amazon S3. You can access your buckets, filter your files, archive, and delete operations on Amazon S3 through CPI. Following a one-time setup and configuration, all you have to do it is turn the integration on and let the adapter do its magic. Too good to be true? Schedule a 30-minute demo and see for yourself!