Dropbox Business: How is it Different?

University student Drew Houston kept forgetting his USB memory stick for class. So he created an online platform where he could upload and download files without any external devices. A simple platform that he created for personal use is now worth more than $10 billion. And Houston is CEO for one of the most valuable startups in the world.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is an online file hosting service that allows users to store and share files in the cloud. Documents, photos, videos, and spreadsheets are instantly synchronized into your Dropbox account by the simple act of dragging and dropping. You can share your Dropbox folders with multiple users or send links for individual documents.

Dropbox provides a safe, cloud-based access to your files in a single space. By downloading the Dropbox app, you can work on your files from any smart device. It’s a great tool for staying organized, backing up data, and cooperating with team members. Dropbox also allows you to work on cloud content and Microsoft Office files within the application. So there’s no need to switch between applications and update your files as you work.

What is Dropbox for Business?

Dropbox Business is an affordable and practical solution, especially for small to medium sized enterprises. Businesses have a variety of plans to choose from, without sacrificing capabilities. Beyond an online file storage service, Dropbox Business can serve as a document management tool with features that aid project management.

Teams can collaborate on documents, sync files across accounts, work within the application (on any smart device) and leverage various productivity tools. Dropbox Business simplifies team projects by providing a unified platform for deadlines, calendar events, workflows, and feedback.

Dropbox even offers industry specific plans; businesses can opt for subscriptions that are customized for fields such as education, media, construction, and technology.

Dropbox Business Features That Make Life Easier

Half a million enterprises use Dropbox for their business needs. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Cloud storage: while individual Dropbox plans allow storing up to 3 TB of data, the Advanced storage plan provides unlimited storage space.
  • Data back up: everything in your Dropbox account can be recovered going back 30 days. This includes files that have been deleted, edited, hacked, and compromised by a virus.
  • File sharing: you can share entire folders or single documents with anyone through links.
  • Document scanner: the Dropbox app allows you to scan documents on your mobile camera and upload them instantly into your folders.
  • Collaboration: working collaboratively with your team is easy. Share agendas, checklists, due dates and comments or work on the same file. Dropbox Paper allows multiple parties to work on the same document in real-time.
  • Productivity tools: teams can create workflows, sync their deadlines, track team members’ activities, and post feedback via comments.
  • Workflows across partner applications: Dropbox has seamless partnership with Adobe, Autodesk, DocuSign, and Vimeo. This allows you to create workflows within your Dropbox and work on DWG, PDF, Word, image, and multimedia files in the application.
  • Machine learning image text recognition: searching for text isn’t limited to Word files—you can search for text in images and PDF documents as well.

Integrating Your Dropbox Account with SAP

Integrations require extensive resources to build and maintain. Our SAP CPI Dropbox Adapter is another story. Reduce the cost, time, and complexity for integrating your Dropbox account with your SAP ERP system.

A one-time payment will get you the out-of-the-box SAP CPI Dropbox Adapter and technical support from our CPI consultants. Send, receive, delete, and archive files in your Dropbox account via CPI. Without even coding! Reduce your developers’ workload and focus your resources on growing your business—leave integration to us.

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