Pre-built Integration Solutions for SAP

Pre-built Integration Solutions for SAP

Integrate cloud services to your SAP system at a fraction of the effort.

What do you want to connect to SAP?

SAP CPI Salesforce Adapter

Simplify inbound bulk message handling between Salesforce and your SAP/non-SAP systems with SAP CPI Salesforce Adapter. Integrate the CRM with your on-premise or 3rd party systems using our out-of-the-box product and perform data exchange operations of up to 100 million records per 24-hour period. 

SAP CPI Azure Adapter

Save runtime by uploading or downloading files to/from Azure via CPI in the form of block bobs. The adapter allows Azure applications to safely access data from your SAP/non-SAP systems and cloud-based solutions, making for more efficient business processes.

SAP CPI Amazon S3 Adapter

Leverage Amazon S3 services at the convenience of your CPI system: access your buckets, filter your files, archive and delete operations with minimal effort. 

SAP CPI MongoDB Adapter

Access the records on your MongoDB database through your SAP CPI platform using our SAP MongoDB Adapter. Process your documents, keep Error logs for queries, and perform Update/Create/Read/Delete operations via your CPI system with minimal effort.

SAP CPI Dropbox Adapter

Access the files in your Dropbox storage service through your SAP CPI Platform using the SAP CPI Dropbox Adapter. Update, archive, and delete operations, and create new files on your Dropbox account via SAP CPI.

SAP CPI Box Adapter

Update, archive, and delete files or create new files in your Box account with your CPI system. The adapter ensures a simplified integration process that requires minimal time and effort.

SAP CPI WebDAV Adapter

SAP CPI WebDAV Adapter uses WebDAV protocol and allows safe data exchange between your SAP/non-SAP systems and WebDAV; it enables effortless integration with your on-premise or 3rd party systems. 

SAP CPI Google Drive Adapter

Upload, download, delete or archive files in your Google Drive through your SAP CPI Platform using the MDP Google Drive Adapter. The adapter enables an effortless integration between Google Drive and your SAP/non-SAP systems.


Our SAP-integrated AMQP Adapter enables the exchange of AMQP messages with SAP CPI. Create, configure, and run the integration via the SAP Adapter Framework. Enhance connectivity between your applications and cloud/on-premise systems. 

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