Access the files in your Dropbox storage service through your SAP CPI Platform using the SAP CPI Dropbox Adapter. Update, archive, and delete operations, and create new files on your Dropbox account via SAP CPI. Ensure an effortless integration between your Dropbox storage and SAP/non-SAP systems. 

SAP CPI Dropbox Adapter Use Cases

  • Sending to and receiving files from a Dropbox account
  • Deleting and archiving files in a Dropbox account
  • Testing STFP integration using Dropbox instead of TFP 
  • Collecting message body or related logs in a Dropbox folder

SAP CPI Dropbox Adapter Features

  • Scheduling polling for sender adapter
  • Filtering files based on file extensions (.pdf,.csv etc.) and other patterns
  • Restricted or full access to folders based on token authentication 
  • Externalization of the adapter configuration parameters
  • Supports CamelFileName header like the standard SFTP adapter
  • Add timestamp or UUID to filename before writing a file

CPI Dropbox Adapter Key Benefits

  • Seamless integration between your Dropbox storage service and SAP ERP system
  • Exchange of data requires minimal development and fewer processes
  • Simple setup and configuration
  • Expert CPI consultants available for technical support
  • Out-of-the-box product requiring one-time payment